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Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to make the most out of your resume and increase your chances to secure your dream job?

Your resume is your first impression! The recruiter, the Human Resources Manager, and the Department Supervisor will see your resume before they see you! That you are well-dressed, well-spoken, and have all the skills and experience will not help if your resume falls short because you will never get in the door! Keep in mind that whatever you learned at the university about resumes might already be out of date. In order for your resume to actually be read, it has to catch their eye quickly.

The professional services that we have reviewed below are all savvy to what recruiters and Human Resource Managers are looking for. In fact, at one level or another, these services actually have previous experience in Human Resources and they are in frequent contact with Human Resource departments.

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Resume Writing Services FAQ

Q: My Resume Contains All My Education And Experience, So I’m Good?

A: That’s great, but there is a good chance that the supervisor that makes the final decision will not read your entire resume. As someone that has been in the position as the department supervisor that makes the final decision, I can explain why we don’t read every resume.

First of all, the Personnel Manager will send almost every resume to the department supervisor eliminating only those resumes that are totally off-base. That means the the department supervisor winds up with a huge pile of resumes. The supervisor, having a department that is short by at least one staff member, already has an extra work load, thus, the supervisor wants to make the quickest and soundest decision possible.

In order to get through the stack of resumes and move on to the interview process in a timely manner, we supervisors sort the resumes with little more than a glance. Most will be set aside and only read if absolutely necessary. The few resumes that catch our eye will be read from front to back, more than once. In order to get an interview, you need to be in that short list!

Q: How Do I Know Which Resume Writing Service is Right?

A: Well, that’s the exact dilemma that you face. If you search Google for ‘Resume Writing Service’, it will return over 15,000,000 results! How can you possibly sort through all those? Even if you decide to research the first 100 results, that alone could take weeks or months!

Here is a partial list if items that you will need to research:

    • Their guarantee,
    • their years in business,
    • their specialties,
    • their experience,
    • turn-around time,
    • consumer rating,
    • if they offer free revisions,
    • the prices,
    • the packages

The point is that we have done all that research for you. We have sifted through hundreds of resume/CV writing services and painstakingly whittled the list down to under ten. Choose any resume/CV service in our list and you can be assured that you will be getting quality service.