Author: Joe

Fasten your seat belts, blockchain technology is not just for cryptocurrency anymore; it has moved into the academic and employment worlds almost overnight.

For example, Learning Machine is a start-up that is putting diplomas from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on the blockchain. The significance is not just instant electronic delivery, it’s that data on the blockchain can not be altered or tampered with; you can’t fake the level or the year of your degree! (more…)


As unbelievable as that headline sounds, it’s true according to the mental
health organization called ‘Mind’. Over 44,000 workers were surveyed and of
those that claimed mental health problems at work, only 50% had spoken to their
employer about it.

That is not too surprising since most people would be reluctant to admit what might
be considered a weakness to their boss. Experts say that fear, shame and job insecurity
are the main factors for employees not talking to their employer about their issues.

According to Mind, every year about 300,000 people lose their job due to mental
health issues, such as, stress, anxiety, depression, or overall low mood.

The good news is that there is help and awareness of mental health in the job place
is getting more exposure. Even Prince William has recently opened up about mental health,
and is launching a website to address the issue: Mental Health at Work.