The End of Padded Resumes and Fake Diplomas

The End of Padded Resumes and Fake Diplomas

Fasten your seat belts, blockchain technology is not just for cryptocurrency anymore; it has moved into the academic and employment worlds almost overnight.

For example, Learning Machine is a start-up that is putting diplomas from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on the blockchain. The significance is not just instant electronic delivery, it’s that data on the blockchain can not be altered or tampered with; you can’t fake the level or the year of your degree!

Just in case you think that no one would ever pad their resume, maybe you missed the news that Samsonite CEO resigned when it was discovered that he ‘padded’ his resume.There are other start-ups that are working with large corporations in order to put employment history on the blockchain also.

What is blockchain?

The blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied, and of course, not tampered with. The blockchain uses a network of volunteer computer connections (nodes), in order to distribute the data. Each node verifies the data before passing it on.


Degrees on Blockchain



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